Easy Asian Turkey Bowl

Easy Asian Turkey Bowl

Who else loves cooking but hates cooking!? (No I have not been drinking) Listen, I love food. I also am weird and love grocery stores. Like I could roam down the aisles looking at cool products, thinking up interesting ideas in my mind far longer than what’s probably considered normal. Actually, I legit used to do that in college. You have you’re Ramen..I’ll be over here by the bee pollen and fine cheeses. #wholefoodsismatherapy. Also, let’s clarify this is “leisure” shopping–NOT your Sunday, beat the church crowd, get trapped in Target parking lot, spend your day meal planning shopping. God knows I would WAY rather be spending my time in my sweats, catching up on Vanderpump Rules over a massive cup of coffee then doing that every week. BTW..this season is already ON POINT.


(Photo from E! Online—obsessed)

ANYWAY, my love hate relationship with cooking is similar to that of grocery shopping. Like, throw me in the kitchen to whip something up that’s creative, but easy; but tell me I need to cook a turkey, create a roux or chop up more than three items and I’ll probably LOL at you. For real, hosting Thanksgiving this year and my decision to cook a turkey—throwing that at the top of the bad ideas list. Why is there no exact timing as to when a turkey will be done cooking?! Literally never the same for anyone! #mysteriesoflife

So that brings me to why the first name of this blog is K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple Stupid/Smarty/Sexy –whatever leaves you the least offended) because that’s what I shoot for–and this recipe is no exception! We’ve already established the hubs has a palate with the refinery of a nine year old, so when I make something he “loves” you best know I’ll be publishing it!

Let me just preface this by saying I’m also the WORST recipe writer of all time. The measurements below are basically just estimates because..EASY people. Just dump a little more of everything here and there to your liking 🙂

Easy Asian Turkey Bowl

bowl 2 fav

Makes 4 Servings

For the Meat

  • 3-4 green onions (just the green portion)
  • 1 lb ground turkey
  • 1 tsp sesame oil
  • 1 tsp garlic powder
  • Salt and Pepper
  • 1 tsp sriracha
  • Dash of Coconut Aminos (can sub Soy Sauce or Tamari)

For the Sauce

  • 3/4 – 1 cup Coconut Aminos (or Soy Sauce or Tamari)
  • 1/2 Tbsp honey
  • 1/4 tsp garlic powder
  • dash ginger
  • 1 tsp sesame oil
  • 1-2 tsp siracha
  • 1/4 tsp fish sauce (optional–it smells like foot but adds some real good flavor I swear)

Directions: Start with the sauce. Throw all ingredients into a bowl and whisk. Pour sauce into a small skillet and turn to medium heat. Once sauce is simmering, continue to simmer until it reaches a consistency similar to syrup (~10 min). While sauce is heating,  heat 1 tsp sesame oil over medium heat in a separate medium skillet. While your oil heats, chop your green onion.* Once medium skillet is hot, add ground turkey and break apart.  Once meat is almost cooked through, add onions, garlic powder, salt and pepper, sriracha and Coconut Aminos. Cook until no longer pink. Top meat with sauce and enjoy over rice, caulirice, rice noodles–whatever your heart desires. I also like to get a little fancy and throw in some easy Asian sauteed cabbage, more green onion, jalapeno, TJ’s green dragon hot sauce and approximately 47 handfuls of cilantro because #cilantroislife.

*TIP: Cut your green onion with a kitchen shears! LIFESAVING. It will save you SO much time and they’ll look all fancy and uniform.

Annnnnnd now how my food actually looks when I eat it 🙂 Smashed up into a hot mess of yum.

close up mashedbowl-from-top-mashed.png




Friday.My Bestie.

Friday.My Bestie.

Friday. My bestie. My light at the end of the tunnel. My motivation to get through a hectic week. My drinking buddy. I heart you. Please never leave me. Is it too early for wine? *stares at clock* That about sums up this week of insanity. Anyone else? Is Mercury in retrograde or something? Cue Fergie and B-A-NA-NA-S.

Aside from a Christmas Cookie with my breakfast, let’s just talk about the things that are making my world go round this week.

This Podcast


You guys, I LOVE murder. Ok, let’s call it true crime. Like, I honestly hope I’m never in a situation where a real crime goes down, because they’d search my phone and TV and computer history and I’d be SC-REWED. Don’t judge. You KNOW you all secretly find it fascinating! This Podcast is HILAR. 3 chicks holding it down for MN, telling true crime stories and making me almost pee my pants. Seriously the best. Plus, they literally drink wine the entire time. Uhhh HI…can we be besties?


My daughter “Niece”. I literally CANNOT. My best friend makes THE cutest humans of all time. I feel like it’s not even fair to be this cute as a baby? Apologizing to my wallet in advance for all donations to Target I’m making to buy ALL the foo foo girly clothes for her. #supermodelstatus

Wine of the Week


Should this be a thing? I mean I’ve posted all of three times and I think I’ve managed to mention wine in all of them sooooooo? Tis the season for a Cab that looks cool AF, doesn’t leave you with a hangover AND tastes like magic. <—-clearly not a SOMM.

The Best Cheese I’ve Ever Had


I realize this is a bold statement but IT’S SOAKED IN WINE. Need I really say more?

Controlling my Cortisol


I’ve been digging my programmed workouts from Creative Results Fitness. Like FINALLY someone who knows what they’re doing and actually makes me want to work out. BUT my muscles were like expired laffy taffy (you know..when they get all hard and transition from being classified to a chewy candy to a hard candy), I couldn’t touch my fingers to the ground when I bent over annnnnd I have zero patience to mediate to control my stress soooooo THIS has been a game changer. Pilates..I see you ❤

Nog your average coffee creamer 


See what I did there? This is where I wink and nudge you with my elbow while saying “eh”.  This takes coffee to a whole new holiday level. And if you don’t like eggnog….bye Felicia. JK but seriously…try this anyway because it’ll blow your minddddd.


This sugar cookie recipe. Committed 4 Lyfe

This Tradition.

I’ll take this in a small please and thanks

That’s all friends! Have a happy Friyay! I’m off to work on my fitness and then wash it down with glass (or 5) of Vino with the ladies!


Unclever Food Post Title Wednesday

Unclever Food Post Title Wednesday

Yeah. I did that. *points up* What actually happened was that I was doing approximately 205340 things yesterday and failed at taking pictures of any of my eats for a What I Ate Wednesday post.  Starts food blog—forgets to take pictures of food. Really killin it Kels. 😀 Instead I’ll just leave you all in anticipation for next week; but side note, Whole Foods tuna salad is heart eyes emoji’s.


(what I was doing instead of documenting my eats. #priorities)

Instead, lets just talk about some of my favorite meals that I WOULD be eating from my blogger friends around the web. I’ll clarify 99% of them do not know we are friends yet—I’ve just creeped and obsessed over their blogs for years, and they’re the lady boss’s who have inspired me to publicly share my life with the world–I am SURE of it you are all SO THANKFUL for that right now 😉

Gina over at The Fitnessista: Stuffed Chicken

engegement dinner

She seriously has some of the best “healthy” recipes that actually taste good ( most are GF, paleoish) and her kids are way too stinkin cute. This is a super oldie but goodie recipe but it was the first meal I made my now husband when we first started dating AND the meal he made me the night he proposed. I know…he’s romantic AF. 😀 Clearly, you can’t actually see the chicken very well in this photo because my photography skills then were ON POINT– but nostalgia people.

Tina over at Carrots n’ Cake: Cheesy Garlic and Herb Brussels Sprouts with sausage


(Photo courtesy carrotsncake.com)

So listen, this is ACTUALLY the blog the started it all for me. Every time you read a post or make a recipe of hers it kind of feels like you’re just hanging out with a friend you’ve known forever. Annnnnd now she’s ma boss..hayyyyyyy <–more to come on that later. And no..I was not bribed or paid to write this shout out *hides free swag*  J/K!  I think I’ve eaten this recipe close to 100 times already and it NEVER gets old. So EASY. #brussels4lyfe

Juli at PaleOmg: Almost 5 Ingredient Spaghetti Pie

spaghetti pie

(Photo courtesy Paleomg.com)

Listen, that question when they ask what 5 things do you need on a desert island if you’re stranded? THIS. YOU NEED DIS. It’s 5 ingredients. It’s paleo. It makes amazing leftovers. It suits the pallet of a 30 year old man who eats like an 8 year old (love you hubby 🙂 ). Don’t ask questions–just do. Plus, if you haven’t checked out her stuff yet, she is funny AF and has THE best Insta Stories. I swear we’d be BFF in real life. Juli, if you’re reading and ever in MN…:)

Designed to Fit Nutrition: Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Protein Balls

cookie dough balls.PNG

(Photo courtesy designedtofitnutrition.com)

Ummm hellerrrr (hello)? Must I really say more? Cookie dough. Minus the Crap. And the guilt. Selfish plug that I get to surround myself with these amazing women too. Lemme just say…if you’re struggling with your nutrition goals…I know a place *nudge nudge*

On that note, the hanger is now real and Sherman is giving me the “feed me immediately or I promise to keep you awake all night running up and down the hallway at full speed for no reason” look.



Any fav’s you can’t live without in your meal rotation?




Rice Krispies Treats for Breakfast

Rice Krispies Treats for Breakfast

So it snowed last night in the Twin Cities and let me just say, it’s a beaut Clark. What is not a beaut is that it had rained all day yesterday and THEN snowed, which essentially turned all roads and major highways into a giant ice skating rink.

blog birthday snow pic

Listen, as a born and raised mid-westerner, it’s 100% true that we’re primed to take on the tundra-esque elements of winter in a vehicle–ANY vehicle. *Shout to my mom’s blue Chevy Nova that got us through the Halloween blizzard of 91’* And while also doing so with a friendly smile, a courteous wave and welcomed right of way—because MN nice don’t ya know. I’m actually not kidding when I say that. I tried driving in New York once and it was only then that I realized that what I ASSUMED was road rage (angry, judgy eyes and a potential profanity you can see someone whispering under their breathe) was clearly underestimating the term compared to what the rest of the country was doing (insert every profanity and threatening hand gesture here).


(Actual response from Sherman when asked how he feels about the snow)

ANYWAY, regardless, I was NOT about to risk my life pulling some vehicular Cirque du Soleil moves for 2 hours trying to get anywhere today, so thankfully I’m able to WFH. Also supes thankful because I, in turn, got to enjoy my coffee out of a mug AND with a side of Rice Krispie Treats. Ok, so maybe like a small bite because I’m trying this whole interesting carb backloading thing right now–that’s another day another post. BUT you best believe the hubs enjoyed and they’re going to be making a regular appearance around here.

coffee 2 close up.png

Friends…I bring you the ultimate (mostly) macro friendly, minimal ingredient, protein Rice Krispies Treats. Who DIDN’T (doesn’t ?) love these things?! Who’s thinking of their grandmother stirring up a pot of warm marshmallow goo right now? *raises hand* Or reminiscing on living off these things as an after school snack *raises both hands* Sit back, relax, allow your childhood nostalgic memories to set in and enjoy these babies without the guilt.  I’ll just leave this right here for you….

edit 1


Gluten Free Protein Rice Krispies Treats

Makes 12 bars (servings)

Directions: Put cereal and protein powder into a large mixing bowl. In a separate bowl, mix honey and almond butter and heat until smooth (~ 10-15 seconds). Combine all ingredients into the large mixing bowl and gently mix until all combined. Press mixture into 8X8 baking dish lined with wax or parchment paper. Refrigerate or freeze until cooled and firm (at least one hour). Cut into 12 squares. House immediately.

Macros (per 1 bar) 20 C  7 P  6 F



I Guess I’ll Start Monday?

*Shrugs shoulders* I don’t know about you guys but I think I’ve repeated the old “I’ll just start tomorrow” or “I guess I’ll just start on Monday” probably approximately 38798543 times in my life. I totally feel like I’ve been doing that with this blog post FOR.EV.EVER. I think I felt like I had to be super poetic or articulate making my splash debut on the internet, but I’m really not either of those things most the time soooo why start now?! Ammiright?

I’m really just a chick from MN who’s been on every diet known to man, an Registered Dietitian who wants to help you re-love food again as much as I do, and a passionate foodie who likes to simplify eating healthy in the kitchen while downing a large glass of cab and and cheese plate.

wine in vineyards

me and paul

(me and the hubs—and some rando who photobombed our background 😀 )

So if you’re into that—WELCOME! You can learn a little bit more about me on the “About” page (clever, I know) and I’m looking forward to sharing my recipes, eats, everyday shenanigans etc. with you *throws confetti*

food lolo