I Guess I’ll Start Monday?

*Shrugs shoulders* I don’t know about you guys but I think I’ve repeated the old “I’ll just start tomorrow” or “I guess I’ll just start on Monday” probably approximately 38798543 times in my life. I totally feel like I’ve been doing that with this blog post FOR.EV.EVER. I think I felt like I had to be super poetic or articulate making my splash debut on the internet, but I’m really not either of those things most the time soooo why start now?! Ammiright?

I’m really just a chick from MN who’s been on every diet known to man, an Registered Dietitian who wants to help you re-love food again as much as I do, and a passionate foodie who likes to simplify eating healthy in the kitchen while downing a large glass of cab and and cheese plate.

wine in vineyards

me and paul

(me and the hubs—and some rando who photobombed our background 😀 )

So if you’re into that—WELCOME! You can learn a little bit more about me on the “About” page (clever, I know) and I’m looking forward to sharing my recipes, eats, everyday shenanigans etc. with you *throws confetti*

food lolo