Oh hey there! I actually reallllly hate talking about myself so as you can imagine, this portion of the blog is a real treat for me to write LOL. Strange considering this is all about broadcasting my whole life on the internet—*insert nervous smiley face* 


I’m an ALMOST 30 year old living in Minnesota with my golf pro hubby Paul and prince (aka: he owns me) cat Sherman. And I LOVE food. Like..LOVE it. Ask me what my hobbies are and I’ll almost always respond with FOOD and WINE first, followed by adventuring, cooking (wait, that’s still food related), and frequenting karaoke whenever possible.

I love food so much that I turned it into a career of sorts and am a Registered Dietitian and health coach. Let me be clear when I say, I got to this place because I: A. wanted to be a singing Dr. when I grew up and this was probably the closest I could get without approximately 3477 years of med school and B. struggled with my weight ALOT growing up. Name any diet–I’ve tried it. I suffered with an eating disorder and actually hated food (gasp–I know) for some time, and it was really through that recovery that I decided I wanted to help other people (re-) LOVE food as much as I do! (We get it Kelsey, you love food–moving on).

So here I am! Starting this blog to give you a glance into my everyday life and how I Keep.It.Simple.Sexy/Smarty/Stupid in the kitchen and life; and how eating healthy can be uncomplicated and there is ALWAYS room for donuts.