A Weekend of Epic (pro)Portions—of Wine

Can we just talk about the phenomenon I’d like to call ” somehow you can drink 27 glasses of wine with your friends without dying even though you usually only drink 2″? HOW? How does this happen you guys? On a typical Friday and Saturday night I get two glasses in, and my body sends out a life alert signal reminding me I am nearly 30 and hello…two glasses is enough lady. So why is it the minute it’s ladies night, that bottle of rose becomes my own personal juice box and my body is immediately preparing itself for the next prohibition? Does this happen to anyone else? #notmadaboutit



Cue “somehow you can drink 27 glasses of wine with your best friends without dying even though you usually only drink 2” phenomena this weekend. Plus an epic cheese board..because obvs.

cheese plate

(#roseallday –literally..all.day. Also spotted: My favorite cheese of all time )

all the wine

(Trophies—:D *shrug*)

Saturday I awoke from my slumber with care (literally with care because my body was like WHAT DID YOU DO), in hopes that the hangover ferry would soon be there—-with 7 Propel Waters and a massive plate of bacon and eggs. <—-Didn’t happen. So instead I chugged a water, 2 iced coffees, 3 ibuprofen, and a partridge in a pear tree a large plate of bacon and eggs that I somehow managed to throw together; and then forced myself into the 20 degree tundra to get groceries for the week. WHY DO I LIVE WHERE THE AIR HURTS MY FACE?

Eats for the week:

Monday: Easy Asian Turkey Bowls (recipe coming soon!)

Tuesday: Steak with Goat Cheese Roasted Red Pepper Sauce (coming soon!) over caulimash OR zoodles OR caulirice —–my struggle to make decisions is REAL

Wednesday: Leftovers

Thursday: Aidell’s caramelized onion meatballs with caulimash

Friday: Out

Annnnnnd here’s what I bought. Because I’m also nosy AF and love to see what other people buy 😀

WF eats

(Seriously WF tuna…HEARTS)

TJ eats

(oh cauliflower dip…I have BIG plans for youuuuu)

Targ eats

(Anyone else’s husband/wife/SO tell you they “need” processed staples in their diet to stay alive? )

Rounded out an exhilarating Saturday watching a new documentary on Netflix–Voyeur. YOU GUYS. This guy just creeped on people in a motel room he owned FOR YEARS. Like took peeping Tom to a WHOLE new level. You’ll legit want to take a shower immediately and never stay in a hotel again. But IT.IS.FASCINATING.


Oh look. More wine. *nervous smile emoji* I mean, it’s basically Siberia outside here so all the indoor activities. Plus YOLO? I’m supporting local businesses? #theyhadmeatfreemeatandcheese


girls day

Giving three cheers (literally) to a fab weekend! Have a great Monday Friends!



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