Friday.My Bestie.

Friday. My bestie. My light at the end of the tunnel. My motivation to get through a hectic week. My drinking buddy. I heart you. Please never leave me. Is it too early for wine? *stares at clock* That about sums up this week of insanity. Anyone else? Is Mercury in retrograde or something? Cue Fergie and B-A-NA-NA-S.

Aside from a Christmas Cookie with my breakfast, let’s just talk about the things that are making my world go round this week.

This Podcast


You guys, I LOVE murder. Ok, let’s call it true crime. Like, I honestly hope I’m never in a situation where a real crime goes down, because they’d search my phone and TV and computer history and I’d be SC-REWED. Don’t judge. You KNOW you all secretly find it fascinating! This Podcast is HILAR. 3 chicks holding it down for MN, telling true crime stories and making me almost pee my pants. Seriously the best. Plus, they literally drink wine the entire time. Uhhh HI…can we be besties?


My daughter “Niece”. I literally CANNOT. My best friend makes THE cutest humans of all time. I feel like it’s not even fair to be this cute as a baby? Apologizing to my wallet in advance for all donations to Target I’m making to buy ALL the foo foo girly clothes for her. #supermodelstatus

Wine of the Week


Should this be a thing? I mean I’ve posted all of three times and I think I’ve managed to mention wine in all of them sooooooo? Tis the season for a Cab that looks cool AF, doesn’t leave you with a hangover AND tastes like magic. <—-clearly not a SOMM.

The Best Cheese I’ve Ever Had


I realize this is a bold statement but IT’S SOAKED IN WINE. Need I really say more?

Controlling my Cortisol


I’ve been digging my programmed workouts from Creative Results Fitness. Like FINALLY someone who knows what they’re doing and actually makes me want to work out. BUT my muscles were like expired laffy taffy (you know..when they get all hard and transition from being classified to a chewy candy to a hard candy), I couldn’t touch my fingers to the ground when I bent over annnnnd I have zero patience to mediate to control my stress soooooo THIS has been a game changer. Pilates..I see you ❤

Nog your average coffee creamer 


See what I did there? This is where I wink and nudge you with my elbow while saying “eh”.  This takes coffee to a whole new holiday level. And if you don’t like eggnog….bye Felicia. JK but seriously…try this anyway because it’ll blow your minddddd.


This sugar cookie recipe. Committed 4 Lyfe

This Tradition.

I’ll take this in a small please and thanks

That’s all friends! Have a happy Friyay! I’m off to work on my fitness and then wash it down with glass (or 5) of Vino with the ladies!


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