Unclever Food Post Title Wednesday

Yeah. I did that. *points up* What actually happened was that I was doing approximately 205340 things yesterday and failed at taking pictures of any of my eats for a What I Ate Wednesday post.  Starts food blog—forgets to take pictures of food. Really killin it Kels. 😀 Instead I’ll just leave you all in anticipation for next week; but side note, Whole Foods tuna salad is heart eyes emoji’s.


(what I was doing instead of documenting my eats. #priorities)

Instead, lets just talk about some of my favorite meals that I WOULD be eating from my blogger friends around the web. I’ll clarify 99% of them do not know we are friends yet—I’ve just creeped and obsessed over their blogs for years, and they’re the lady boss’s who have inspired me to publicly share my life with the world–I am SURE of it you are all SO THANKFUL for that right now 😉

Gina over at The Fitnessista: Stuffed Chicken

engegement dinner

She seriously has some of the best “healthy” recipes that actually taste good ( most are GF, paleoish) and her kids are way too stinkin cute. This is a super oldie but goodie recipe but it was the first meal I made my now husband when we first started dating AND the meal he made me the night he proposed. I know…he’s romantic AF. 😀 Clearly, you can’t actually see the chicken very well in this photo because my photography skills then were ON POINT– but nostalgia people.

Tina over at Carrots n’ Cake: Cheesy Garlic and Herb Brussels Sprouts with sausage


(Photo courtesy carrotsncake.com)

So listen, this is ACTUALLY the blog the started it all for me. Every time you read a post or make a recipe of hers it kind of feels like you’re just hanging out with a friend you’ve known forever. Annnnnd now she’s ma boss..hayyyyyyy <–more to come on that later. And no..I was not bribed or paid to write this shout out *hides free swag*  J/K!  I think I’ve eaten this recipe close to 100 times already and it NEVER gets old. So EASY. #brussels4lyfe

Juli at PaleOmg: Almost 5 Ingredient Spaghetti Pie

spaghetti pie

(Photo courtesy Paleomg.com)

Listen, that question when they ask what 5 things do you need on a desert island if you’re stranded? THIS. YOU NEED DIS. It’s 5 ingredients. It’s paleo. It makes amazing leftovers. It suits the pallet of a 30 year old man who eats like an 8 year old (love you hubby 🙂 ). Don’t ask questions–just do. Plus, if you haven’t checked out her stuff yet, she is funny AF and has THE best Insta Stories. I swear we’d be BFF in real life. Juli, if you’re reading and ever in MN…:)

Designed to Fit Nutrition: Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Protein Balls

cookie dough balls.PNG

(Photo courtesy designedtofitnutrition.com)

Ummm hellerrrr (hello)? Must I really say more? Cookie dough. Minus the Crap. And the guilt. Selfish plug that I get to surround myself with these amazing women too. Lemme just say…if you’re struggling with your nutrition goals…I know a place *nudge nudge*

On that note, the hanger is now real and Sherman is giving me the “feed me immediately or I promise to keep you awake all night running up and down the hallway at full speed for no reason” look.



Any fav’s you can’t live without in your meal rotation?




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